Post-Doc Research:

Currently I’m looking for possible Dark Matter annihilation/decay signal in \(\gamma\)-ray data, measured by Cherenkov Telescope Array, using Deep Learning. Now, I am supervised by Dr. Gabrijela Zaharijaš.

After my PhD, I stayed in Riken, Astrophysical Big Bang Laboratory as a research assistant and worked on high energy \(\gamma, \nu\) production from PeV \(\left( 10^{15} \text{eV} \right)\) proton interaction with the molecular clouds near our galactic center. In Riken, I was supervised by Dr. Shigehiro Nagataki.

PhD Research :

For my PhD research, I was involved in searching for Dark Matter decay signal in the Cosmic-Ray \(e^+ + e^-\) flux measured by CALorimetric Electron Telescope (CALET) on the ISS. I was lucky enough to work under the PI of CALET, Dr. Shoji Torii. I have extensively used GALPROP, a numerical code for Cosmic-Ray propagation in our galaxy. For data analysis part, I have used Python and slowly I fell in love with various python libraries and, eventually with deep learning.

Love for deep learning pushed me to take an AI Research Intern role and I mostly learned about using semantic segmentation to solve real life business problems, like- crack detection on road/walls, identify rotten bean sprouts etc.

For a more comprehensive CV (updated till late 2019), check here.

About Me :

When I was a little younger, while traveling and watching stars with my parents, I used to wonder how awesome it would be to study (if I ever decide to continue studying!) about stuffs happening up there on the sky. Now, when I go on hikes or just enjoy solitude, most of the times I cannot comprehend how amazing life has turned out! Many failures, embarrasments were also part of this journey (there will be a lot more in future too). I grew to love and embrace them as much as my success stories.

Apart from watching stars and hiking, I also like to play football, guitar and take photographs. You can check some selected collections of photographs here.