Since I am a massive believer of free education, below I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite study materials, research papers, lectures etc. These could be of interest if you are into particle physics/astrophysics/machine learning. They are all free!

A more generic and extremely useful list of such free materials for theoretical physicists has already been prepared by famous physics professor Gerard ‘t Hooft. You can check the site: How to Become a Good Theoretical Physicist.

Below goes my list:

Particle Physics:

Standard Model:

Dark Matter:

Astrophysics; Cosmology and Cosmic Rays :

Cosmology Basic to Intermediate to Advanced:

Dark Matter Indirect Detection:

Cosmic Rays:

The intro chpaters of my doctoral may also be helpful. Link: Google Drive/Waseda Repository

Machine Learning/Deep Learning :

An excellent repository already has listed most of the available free lecture notes/videos related to Machine Learning and Deep Learning. It goes by the name Deep Learning Drizzle. Below goes a more specific list prepared by me:

Maths & More …:

Deep Learning Lecture Notes: